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Chunky Potting Soil (Designed For Aroid Plants) – 8L

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Chunky Potting Soil (Designed For Aroid Plants)

Aroid plants need the right soil to reach their full potential, and well-drained soil is key. With the right mix, your aroids will thrive like never before.

  • Root Rot Repelled: Aroids are prone to root rot, which can be caused by too much moisture in the soil. But with well-drained soil, waterlogging is a thing of the past and root rot is kept at bay.
  • Root Growth Unleashed: Aroids require well-drained soil to promote healthy root growth, and with adequate drainage, roots can absorb water and nutrients with ease, leading to unbeatable growth
  • Nutrient Uptake Unlocked: With well-drained soil, aroids are able to absorb nutrients like champions, resulting in stronger, healthier growth.
  • Air to Breathe: Aroids need good soil aeration, and well-drained soil provides just that. The exchange of gases between the roots and the atmosphere is key to healthy growth.
  • Foliage Flourishing: Aroids grown in well-drained soil are less likely to experience stress, leading to healthy foliage and unstoppable growth.

This soil is ready to use straight out of the bag for Bromeliads, Orchids, Monstera, Philodendrons, Alocasia, Hoyas, Peace Lillies & so much more!

  • Specifically designed for Aroids, Jungle Plants & plants requiring an extremely free-draining soil blend! Perfect for low-light situations, as it will dry out easily!
  • It can be used for propagating plants that need a very airy and porous mix & is also perfect for large houseplants! This is extremely low-maintenance soil & is perfect for plant parents struggling to find the right mix!
  • Utilizing only premium horticultural ingredients, GreenSpace Chunky Potting Soil delivers a consistent experience for gardeners and a pleasurable one for their plants!
  • Unlike commercial potting soil, our blend combines the added benefits of nutrient-dense + microbe-rich worm castings, the perfect balance of horticultural pine bark, coco coir chips, zeolite, and perlite. Delivering results beyond the expectations of even the most seasoned gardener.
  • For perfectly matched and balanced fertilizer options, we suggest you use the GreenSpace Slow Release & Liquid fertilizer range as directed.
  • 100% Pet-friendly & safe blend!

Available in 8L + 27L

Ingredients – Horticultural Pine Bark Chips, Coco Coir Chips, Perlite, Zeolite, Worm Castings. Average ingredient size 5-15mm.



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Chunky Potting Soil (Designed For Aroid Plants) - 8L

Chunky Potting Soil (Designed For Aroid Plants) – 8L

$20.00 Inc. GST

Out of stock