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Bio Diesel Supernatural Root Stimulant 1L

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Bio Diesel Supernatural Root Stimulant 1L 

Bio Diesel Super Natural is a premium organic root and shoot stimulant. Made from a blend of organic Sea Algae extracts and Bio Diesels famous Bio Stimulants. Super Natural helps your plants create massive lateral feeder roots, increased nutrient uptake and immediate plant response. Contains organic Bio Stimulants

Benefits of Bio Diesel Super Natural

  • Ideal for correcting plant stress and trace element deficiency
  • Faster rooting and plant growth Increased flowering sites for increased blooms
  • Immediate plant growth response
  • Compatible with all nutrient programs
  • Contains full spectrum trace elements Ideal for soil or Hydroponics

Bio Diesel Super Natural Application

Supernatural can be used in Soil and Hydroponics and is perfect for Coco fibre, Clay balls or any inert hydroponic media.

Cloning & Seedlings

  • Cloning Cubes and chambers 0.25ml/L of water
  • Seedling establishment 0.25ml/L of water
  • Rooted cuttings and Seedlings 0.50ml/L of water


  • 0.5ml/L on Young Plants
  • 1.0ml/L on Plants over 50cm tall
  • Use through Vegetative stages through to the middle of the Flowering stage.


  • 0.5ml/L on Young Plants
  • 1.0ml/L on Plants over 50cm tall
  • Add to the nutrient tank after adding your base nutrient. Use throughout the Vegetative stage and through the 3rd week of Flowering.

Foliar Spray

  • Supernatural can be used as a foliar on its own or be combined with Aloevate to create an impressive foliar growth booster.




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Bio Diesel Supernatural Root Stimulant 1L

$79.95 Inc. GST

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