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BioGuano+ 5L Liquid Seabird Guano

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BioGuano+ 5L Liquid Seabird Guano 

Guano is a word that originates from the Andean indigenous language, and means, “the droppings of seabirds”. The guano production process begins as saltwater fish are devoured and digested by sea birds. Deposited on rocks and baked in the sun, the excrement along with bits of eggshells, feathers, insects and microbes matures into nature’s best fertiliser. Guano cleans toxins from soil, improves soil texture, speeds up the decomposition process and promotes healthy plant colour and growth.

BioGuano+ contains the essential nutrients you need for all stages of plant growth in a simple, easy to use liquid form that is an Australian Certified Organic “Certified Allowed Input No. 13250”. BioGuano+ not only gives you the nutrients that your crop requires, but also improves soil quality at the same time resulting in short and long-term benefits. The addition of Kelp improves plant growth, flavour profiles, tolerance to abiotic/biotic stress and root/microbe interactions. Supercharge your nutrient regime with BioGuano+.


  • P,K,Ca & Si rich
  • Ascophyllum nodosum kelp
  • Highly Soluble 
  • ACO organic garden input 

High Density Profile:

Bio Guano provides a relative density profile of 1.6 SG. Once blended in water, this super concentrate liquid fertiliser solution provides more guano per millilitre than competing guano products. While remaining in solution for efficient application.


BioGuano+ is an organic liquid that is rich in Calcium (Ca = 10.2%), Phosphorous (P = 4.82%), Potassium (K = 1.21%) and Magnesium (Mg= 1.15%) as well as a host of other micronutrients. No two soils are the same. Available Calcium and Phosphorus are among the two most deficient soil nutrients. Both are essential to the long-term health of your soil.

BioGuano+ Mobilises Phosphorous:

Phosphate that is tied up in the soil as Calcium Phosphate, Iron Phosphate or Aluminium Phosphate is freed up for adsorption by the plant when silica is added. The silica preferentially forms Calcium Silicate, Iron Silicate and Aluminium Silicate allowing the phosphate to be taken up by the plant.

Irrigation Compatible:

Our hi-tech mill grinds the guano powder to achieve a sub 5-micron particle size. Bio Guano is 100% compatible with all leading boom spray, tillage injection and fertigation equipment.

BioGuano Contains Fulvic:

Fulvics are small highly charged molecules that, due to their carboxylic and phenolic functionalities are excellent chelators of nutrients (metal ions) to provide increased ion exchange.

BioGuano Contains Kelp:

The addition of Kelp further provides a combination of both macronutrients, (N, P, and K) and micronutrients (Ca, Mg, S, Mn, Cu, Fe, and Zn). It also contains cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins, betaines, mannitol, organic acids, polysaccharides, amino acids, alginates, and proteins, all of which improve plant growth, flavour profiles, tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress and root microbe interactions. Kelp also greatly facilitates the uptake of available micro nutrients.

BioGuano Feed Schedule / Diltuion Rate:

It is recommended to use 1.5ml / L in the vegetative stage, and 3ml / L in the flower stage.

Shake well prior to use and mix well in the water / reservoir.



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BioGuano+ 5L Liquid Seabird Guano

$64.96 Inc. GST

Only 1 left in stock