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Canna Bio Flores 1L | Certified Organic Nutrients

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Canna Bio Flores 1L

Bio Flores was developed for the blooming phase offast growing plants.

A100% organic nutrient developed for cultivation in soil and used during theblooming phase of fast growing plants. BIOCANNA BioFlores contains hop extracts(Humulus lupulus) for extra flowering strength and is ideal for use indoorswith container grown plants or outside in the open garden.

BIOCANNAnutrients do NOT contain animal products and are produced organically by aspecial plant fermentation process. They are rich in available plant nutritionand stimulate the plant’s metabolism and resistance. In addition, they promotethe microflora around the roots which helps the plant absorb the necessarynutrients and also protects the plant’s root environment.

Note: CANNAresearch has shown that products grown with BIOCANNA have a higher percentageof certain essential oils which influence the flavor and scent of your harvest.

Dueto the presence of pH buffering fruit acids in Bio Flores the nutrient solutiondoes NOT need to be adjusted for pH.

Direction of Use:

Shake well before use

Dissolve 40 ml concentrate per 10 L of water (1:250)

Depending on pot and plant size feed 1-3 times a weekdepending on the fertilility of the potting mix

The diluted nutrient solution does not need to beacidified

Use up mixed solution within 24 hours

Feed by drip irrigation: To prevent blockages alwaysrinse out the pipes with water

Storage, health & safety and other directions:

CANNA has also specially developed BIOCANNA Bio Vegafor the growing phase of the plant

Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place

Keep out of reach of children



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Canna Bio Flores 1L | Certified Organic Nutrients

Canna Bio Flores 1L | Certified Organic Nutrients

$50.00 Inc. GST

In stock