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Canna Boost Accelerator 1L | Flower Enhancer

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Canna Boost Accelerator 1L | Bloom Stimulator

Canna Boost Accelerator is a bloom stimulator designed to enhance the flowering and fruiting stages of plants.

Canna Boost Accelerator is formulated to increase the plant’s metabolism and nutrient uptake during the flowering phase. It contains a blend of bioactive ingredients, including plant extracts, amino acids, and flowering stimulants. The product aims to promote larger and denser flowers, improve overall yield, and enhance the plant’s natural defence mechanisms.

Increased flower production: CANNABOOST Accelerator is specifically designed to stimulate the development and growth of flowers. It may help plants produce more and larger flowers, potentially leading to increased yields.

Enhanced nutrient uptake: The formulation of CANNABOOST Accelerator includes ingredients that can improve the plant’s metabolic activity and nutrient absorption. This can result in better nutrient uptake, leading to healthier and more vigorous growth.

Accelerated flowering process: By boosting the plant’s metabolism, CANNABOOST Accelerator can potentially shorten the flowering period. This means that plants may reach the harvest stage sooner, allowing for quicker cultivation cycles.

Improved quality of flowers: The blend of bioactive ingredients in CANNABOOST Accelerator aims to enhance the quality of flowers produced. It may contribute to denser, more aromatic, and visually appealing blooms.

Enhanced plant defense mechanisms: CANNABOOST Accelerator includes substances that can activate the plant’s natural defense mechanisms. This may help plants better withstand stressors such as pests, diseases, or environmental fluctuations.

Even higher yields in combination with PK 13/14: CANNABOOST isn’t a nutrient, but an additive that increases the plant’s photosynthesis (one of the reactions that make up a plant’s metabolism). This increase ensures that the fruits are formed faster. The availability of nutrients is very important for achieving optimum results with CANNABOOST. The availability of all nutrients is guaranteed with CANNA feeding. Even better results can be achieved using the trusted CANNA feeding in combination with CANNA PK 13/14. This is because PK 13/14 provides the plant with extra flowering elements while CANNABOOST ensures that there’s the energy to be able to use these elements.

Better ripening and strengthened immune system: CANNABOOST contains flowering stimulators that ensure powerful ripening. It also contains natural flowering regulators that help develop fruit more uniformly and finish flowering more strongly. Thanks to the improved energy regulation the plant also has sufficient energy to resist diseases. If there is no energy at the correct place diseases will often strike, just at the moment when it is disastrous for the harvest.

Fuller, more powerful taste: With CANNABOOST you are guaranteed both a higher yield and an exceptional taste. A good harvest isn’t just expressed in terms of weight these days. Quality is starting to play a more important role and this also means taste is becoming more important. Increasing the speed of photosynthesis greatly increases the sugar production in the fruits. This makes the taste sweeter and the natural flavours in the fruits will be produced in higher concentrations. The stronger smell of the essential oils in the fruits speaks volumes.

Most boosters are just additional nutrients. True boosters like CANNABOOST however really boost the metabolism of a plant and makes it more healthy. CANNABOOST is ‘the new boost generation’.

With this product we have again proved that Quality proves itself!





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Canna Boost Accelerator

Canna Boost Accelerator 1L | Flower Enhancer

$160.00 Inc. GST

In stock