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Compact Float Valve White

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Compact Float Valve White  

With the help of this float valve, you can save the time of filling the tank regularly. The use of float valve in hydroponics is to ensure that nutrient level maintains in your reservoir from a header tank ( with back up nutrients). It works under gravity which means no pump is required. When the nutrients level drops in the main reservoir then fresh nutrients supply to the main nutrients tank under gravity. 

This float valve can even connect to the main water. 


Valve & Float Length : 240mm

Float Width: 50mm

Outlet: 3/4″ threaded

Outlet attachment: 13mm barbed adapter

Note: The float valve has a threaded 1/2 inch connection with rubber seal and sturdy nut to go through the sidewall of a tank or water reservoir. 





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Compact Float Valve White

$29.95 Inc. GST

Out of stock