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DE-GNAT Plant Protector Advanced Insect Shield 10Kg

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De-Gnat utilizes natural earth minerals (silicacompounds) to prevent soil pests and improve substrate quality. DiatomaceousEarth (DE) creates an effective barrier at the top of the substrate withabrasive properties to deter fungus gnat (Sciarid fly). De-Gnat is comprised ofspecially sized DE particles that control gnat and other various pests atdifferent points in their lifecycle.

De-Gnat is made from ancient fossilized remains ofa unique sea-kelp. This naturally refined compound provides many benefits foryour garden. Not only for protecting plant roots, De-Gnat provides a naturalsource of silica and increases substrate aeration, while reducing compaction.De-Gnat also improves nutrient uptake and microbial activity, whilst acting asa thermal barrier against fluctuations in substrate temperature.

Howto apply:

add a layer 3cmof De-Gnat on top of the substrate

Make sure allgrowing media (substrate) is fully covered at all times

Re-apply duringthe growing cycle to keep this physical barrier intact

Irrigate withcare to avoid disturbing the protective layer of De-Gnat



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DE-GNAT Plant Protector Advanced Insect Shield 10Kg

$44.95 Inc. GST

Out of stock