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Dr Greenthumbs Gnat BAT 1L

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Dr Greenthumbs Gnat BAT 1L 

Gnat Bat – Effective soil barrier against Fungus Gnats and problematic insects

– Completely unique formulation that actually works!
– 100% natural materials
– 1L treats up to 8 x 200mm pots + Reusable for up to 3 applications!
– Available sizing 1L + 5L

Gnat Bat allows gardeners to effortlessly deter Fungus Gnats from entering their pots by creating an impenetrable barrier for crawling and flying insects.
Products containing granular sources of diatomite or pumice, lose their ability to create an effective barrier almost overnight! 

This is because as soon as the substrate gets wet & absorbs water from the growing medium, its shard-like structure is “melted” and no longer performs as advertised.

Gnat Bat is completely unique in that we use a complex matrix of micronized diatomaceous earth and infuse this into highly porous, lightweight volcanic rock. 

This allows gardeners to easily remove the Gnat Bat from their pots to water a plant (extending the product’s life) or to reuse the barrier in another pot.

How to use

Before using Gnat Bat, water any plants that require it first, preferably from the bottom to avoid wetting the soil surface.
Apply a 5-10mm layer of Gnat Bat to the top of all effected pots and soil surfaces. 
After 24hrs, if insects are seen exiting the bottom of the pot, place 5mm of Gnat Bat in the drainage tray where the insects are exiting.

Avoid getting Gnat Bat wet, as this reduces its ability to create an effective barrier. 
If plants require watering while undergoing treatment, simply remove the Gnat Bat barrier and replace it down once soil surfaces are dry.

Keep out of reach of children and do not breathe in the dust from this product.
Please note – 1L products now come in bag, not bottle



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Dr Greenthumbs Gnat BAT 1L

$16.95 Inc. GST

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