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FloraMax Growth-XS 250ML

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FloraMax Growth-XS 250ML 

Accelerates vegetative growth

    • Helps reduce veg phase by 1-3 weeks so that plants can be “flipped” sooner. This provides valuable savings in running costs and permits more crop cycles per annum.
    • Helps prevent transplant and transition shock.
    • Helps revive stalled vegetative growth.
    • Will not cause internodal stretch when used as directed.
    • pH neutral formulation.
    • Does NOT induce foul residues, foaming or odors in the reservoir, nor cause blockages to drippers and filters.
    • Dosage: Use at every watering in week-2 of vegetative stage.  Dose at 0.5-1ml/L (2-4ml/Gal).

When should Growth-XS be used?  Growth-XS should only be applied in early veg, and for a maximum of 7-days i.e.  When veg phase duration is 4-weeks or longer, it is generally best to apply during week-2 veg.  For veg phases ‘shorter’ than 4-weeks, it is generally best to apply Growth-XS during week-1 veg.  Do not use Growth-XS in the 7-days leading up to the switch to flowering phase.  NEVER apply Growth-XS during flower.  

What is the optimum dose rate for Growth-XS? Generally use at 1ml/L (4ml/Gal).  Certain strains or hot conditions may require a lower rate – 0.5ml/L (2ml/Gal). 

Using Growth-XS when veg phase is shorter than 4-weeks?  Apply during veg week-1 if clones appears strong enough.  Also, best results may be obtained by limiting usage to 3-4 days. 

Using Growth-XS with hungry strains?  To prevent deficiency symptoms during accelerated vegetative growth, it may be necessary to increase EC by 0.2-0.4mS while Growth-XS is being used, and in the week or two following. 

Can I use Growth-XS with “auto-flowers”?  Yes, however to prevent additional vegetative growth during early flower, it is important to cease usage of Growth-XS 14-days prior to the ‘expected’ switch to flower.  Therefore, generally begin usage 3-weeks PRIOR to flower and use for a maximum of 7-days.  The plant will continue to benefit for about 14-days *post* application. 



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FloraMax Growth-XS 250ML

$175.00 Inc. GST

Out of stock