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FloraMax Silica 1L

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FloraMax Silica 1L 

Monosilicic Acid for hydroponic plants

FloraMax Silica 0-0-8 contains 16% silica* present as Mono-silicic Acid (“MSA”) and Meta-silicic Acid (“MTSA”).  Both of these compounds are completely soluble in nutrient solutions and 100% bio-available. This yields several benefits for hydroponic growers: 

    • Improves the rigidity of stems and leaves.
    • Helps prevent leaf wilt during extreme heat.
    • Helps increase weight, potency and shelf-life of fruit.
    • FloraMax Silica is highly concentrated.  1.0 litre (1.05 Qrt) makes 4,000 – 10,000 litres (1,050 – 2,640 Gal) of working nutrient.
    • Highly stable – shelf-life exceeds 20 years (testing origins predate 1998).
    • Dosage: 0.1-0.25ml/L (0.25 – 1 ml/Gal) during veg and flower.  Silica should be applied to an existing nutrient solution and used throughout both veg and flower.  Silica is also very effective as a foliar spray at 3ml/L (3ml/Qrt).

Why use a silica nutrient for hydroponic plants?

Hydroponic plants are often susceptible to leaf wilt and bud rot, especially when exposed to heat from HID lamps. Silica helps strengthen plant cells to prevent limp or weak growth.  Silica, known chemically as silicon dioxide (SiO2), is the chemical form that silicon (Si) adopts in plant matter. Silica is NOT the same as silicon.  Silicon is the stuff computer chips and car polishes are made from. 


Silica 0-0-8 is highly concentrated and should always be pre-diluted least 10-fold with water before adding to the reservoir.  Failure to do this may cause white particles to form when it is added to the nutrient solution.  This problem is more pronounced at higher EC’s especially when using hard or salty waters.  Note, these “white particles” will normally dissolve if the nutrient is immediately stirred and is therefore typically only an aesthetic problem if treated correctly.    If you do NOT want to predilute Silica, then it should be added to the reservoir first, before the base nutrient and other additives – like many other brands. The problem with this is it increases the water’s pH – subsequent addition of pH sensitive elements will be potentially destabilized unless pH is quickly corrected. By adding Silica last, we only need to worry about pH right at the end.  If you add it first, you need to worry about pH the whole way through! 



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FloraMax Silica 1L

$120.00 Inc. GST

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