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FloraMax VegaFlora A+B 1L

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FloraMax VegaFlora A+B 1L 

VegaFlora A+B is a professional 2-part nutrient that meets the demands of commercial cropping in hydroponics, soil or coco coir.

FloraMax VegaFlora A+B: All-in-One Nutrient for Your Plants

Unleash vigorous growth and bountiful harvests with FloraMax VegaFlora A+B, a professional 2-part nutrient solution. This formula caters to commercial growers and hobbyists alike, nourishing your plants from seed to flower in hydroponics, coco coir, or soil.

Here’s what makes VegaFlora A+B stand out:

  • Single A+B formula: Simplifies nutrient management – no need for separate veg and bloom feeds.
  • Highly pH-buffered: Requires minimal pH adjustment in soil and coco, saving you time and effort.
  • Premium ingredients: Contains fully chelated trace elements for complete nutrient uptake.
  • Clean and efficient: Completely soluble, minimizes clogging in drippers and promotes long-term reservoir stability.
  • Reduced salt build-up: Ensures smooth nutrient flow and prevents unwanted scaling.
  • Works with various water sources: Handles high-salt and high-pH water effectively.
  • Less pH Down needed: Especially in hydroponic setups, reducing overall maintenance.
  • No need for cal-mag supplements.

With VegaFlora A+B, you get:

  • Vigorous root, foliage, and fruit development.
  • Improved nutrient availability for optimal plant health.
  • Enhanced flavor and quality of your crops.
  • Simplified feeding regimen for efficient growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be adding *extra* PK additives to the FloraMax feeding schedule during bloom? No, the PK levels (Phosphorous and Potassium) are optimized with Flowering Enhancer, Resin-XS and the FloraMax base nutrient (VegaFlora AB or Veg-1).  During mid-to-late bloom, we generally recommend using Resin-XS at 2-3ml/L (7.5-11.5ml/Gal).  However, for heavy feeders, Resin-XS can be used at upwards of 4ml/L (15ml/Gal), especially during bloom week 5 to 8. 

When using FloraMax, do I need a “cal-mag”?  No, the FloraMax line is designed to eliminate the requirement for additional “cal-mag” additives as it is built into our base nutrients and Flowering Enhancer product.  Over hundreds of test grows during the development phase there was never any need for a dedicated cal-mag additive. Furthermore, use of additional “cal-mag” may result in excessive calcium precipitate leading to clogged lines or build-up in the reservoir.  Therefore, avoid using a cal-mag (Ca-Mg-Fe) unless deficiency symptoms are eradicated by their use. 

Why does FloraMax manufacture a “cal-mag”?  To address the deficiencies found in competing brands.  We are committed to helping growers achieve their best results regardless of the nutrient regime they follow, our Ca-Mg-Fe product is ideal for use with other regimes. 

You can be confident growing with FloraMax VegaFlora.  We utilize the highest grade of ingredients available for plant nutrient products.  Also, every batch of FloraMax is manufactured by our in-house senior chemist and quality tested before being bottled.  Our products boast extra long shelf-life, typically at least 3-5 years, which ensures every bottle performs to specification.  Growers can be confident of achieving consistent yields from crop-to-crop. 

Experience the difference with FloraMax VegaFlora A+B. Order yours today!



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FloraMax VegaFlora A+B 1L

$40.00 Inc. GST

Only 2 left in stock