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Gnat Nix 10L | Top Dress Natural Fungus Gnat Control

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Gnat Nix 10L | Top Dress Natural Fungus Gnat Control 

Stop fungus gnats and any other creepy crawlies from breeding inside growing media once and for all! Gnat Nix! 10L provides a long-term solution to prevent pests from infesting and damaging plants, and reduces the need for insecticides and other chemical treatments.

Gnat Nix! 10L has been extensively tested and demonstrated as effective in protecting against fungus gnats when used as a top dressing for plants in grow pots. Due to its targeting of the entire 28-day life cycle of fungus gnats, it is a superior top-dressing product compared to others.

The rough granular surface of gnatnix! creates a hostile environment for any insect that tries to move through it; preventing adult gnats from breeding in your grow media and trapping any pre-existing larvae beneath the surface.

gnatnix! remains effective whether dry or wet and can be used indoors in many grow room setups as well as outdoors in the garden or greenhouse.

Gnat Nix is:

  • Non-toxic, chemical-free fungus gnat control
  • Long-lasting top dressing
  • Effective under dry or moist conditions
  • Great indoors – outdoors
  • Made of high grade pumice
  • used in commercial gardens with a high success rate
  • Scientifically Proven University trials have proved Gnat Nix! used as a top dressing is an effective physical barrier against fungus gnats. Unlike other top dresses that are limited to one phase of control, Gnat Nix! controls gnats at different points of their lifecycle. It prevents adult emergence from hatching larvae and deters females from laying eggs in the growing media. As a result, the life cycle of fungus gnats is interrupted, and its population significantly reduced.

Simple to Use

All you need to do is apply approximately 15mm layer of Gnat Nix! top dressing to fully cover the surface of the growing medium in your growing containers. Make sure the entire top surfaces of all your growing containers are fully covered at all times. Irrigate gently to avoid disturbing the protective physical barrier of Gnat Nix! That’s it!

Fungus gnats have been known to get in through holes at bottom of pots, our suggestion is to put a layer of Gnatnix at the bottom of drainage pots, just enough to cover the drainage holes, then top up with soil and add another layer of Gnatnix at the top of soil.



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Gnat Nix 10L | Top Dress Natural Fungus Gnat Control

$44.95 Inc. GST

Only 2 left in stock