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GreenSpace Slow Release Fertiliser 1Kg

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GreenSpace Slow Release Fertiliser 1KG

  • Perfect for all potted gardens! Contains over 60 trace elements and beneficial soil microbes for strong healthy plants!

  • Formulated and suitable for all stages of plant growth.

  • Due to our unique formulation, your plants will receive a consistent stream of nutrition for 3 months, without the risk of over or under fertilizing your garden!

  • Greatly reduces the leaching of fertiliser from the soil, saving gardeners money & reducing their impact on the surrounding environments.

How to use

  • Use 2-4g per litre of potting soil, mix with the soil thoroughly or scratch into the top of the container. One packet is enough for 150L of potting soil.

  • Use 30g per m2 for lawns, fruit trees and ornamentals.

  • Best used in conjunction with GreenSpace Liquid Fertiliser!

  • Not Suitable for Natives

NPK 12:8:8 




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slow release fertiliser

GreenSpace Slow Release Fertiliser 1Kg

$30.00 Inc. GST

In stock