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5 Tips for Buying Hydroponic LED Grow Lights

Hydroponic Grow Lights

Are you in the market for hydroponic LED grow lights? These grow lights are your best option when natural light is insufficient. The following tips will be a big help when you’re comparing different bulbs for your garden.

1. Start with the Type of Plants You Want to Grow

The first step in the selection of hydroponic LED grow lights is to determine the type of plants you want to grow. If you already have a set of plants in your garden, you need to determine the best growing conditions for them.

You then need to determine which LED grow lights are best-suited to provide these conditions. This allows you provide the best growing conditions for your garden.

2. Consider the Durability of the Bulb

The next thing to check is the durability of the LED grow lights. Remember that these bulbs can be quite pricey but you can find cheaper models as well. However, you should consider whether the cheaper ones will last long.

You may end up replacing bulbs over and over again if you purchase cheaper LEDs. Check whether the bulb can give you 10,000 lighting hours or 50,000 hours. Consider the price difference and the durability of the bulb.

Apart from the lifespan of the bulb, you should also check whether the bulbs produce too much heat or if they tend to flicker. Poor construction can cause these bulbs to flicker and cause overheating.

3. Measure the Surface Area of Your Garden

How big is your indoor garden? If you’re just using a small space then you may not need to get a lot of hydroponic LED grow lights. But if you’re building a greenhouse size hydroponic system (or something close to that) then you will definitely need more bulbs to sufficiently cover every square foot of your garden.

Remember that the plants that are directly under your lights usually won’t have a lot of problems. They’re getting all the light they need for photosynthesis. However, you should plan for the plants that may be on the far end of the garden that won’t get a lot of light. You may have to get more LED growing lights positioned in those areas.

Another thing you should consider is the PAR value of the LED grow lights. PAR stands for photosynthetically active radiation, and this is the light that is beneficial to the plants for photosynthesis.

Note that you’re not looking for bulbs that have higher PAR values. What you want is an even PAR value across all the bulbs you have in your system.

4. Programmability

Smart lighting is a great feature that you may want to consider when you buy hydroponic LED grow lights. Note that they will not be cheap but you will be glad to have them since they make your gardening more efficient and they give you more control over the growing conditions that you set for your hydroponic garden.

You can make adjustments like how bright the lights will be, schedule when the lights turn on and off, set the light spectrum, and other programmable features.

5. Check the Cooling System

Remember that even the best LED grow lights can overheat. If you use them for 15 hours or more each day then you might expect some excessive heat to get to your plants. Check whether the bulbs have a heat sink at the back, where most of the heat comes from.


Hydroponic LED grow lights can be a revolutionary solution to lighting problems in your garden. Knowing what to look for will help you ensure that your plants are growing optimally.

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