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House & Garden Coco Nutrient A+B 1L

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House & Garden Coco Nutrient A+B 1L 

House & Garden A&B Coco is a globally recognisedbase nutrient regime for Coco cultivation. H&G Nutrients utilise only the highest-graderaw components, ensuring their range is suitable for food &medical-grade cultivation. 

Cocos AB Nutrient provides all the macro and traceelements required for rapid and lush plant development! Unlike thecompetition, our A/B combination are used throughoutthe vegetative and flowering cycle, making it the most economicalproduct on the market. 

This is achieved by utilising a precise formula of complexraw ingredients, and advanced mixing process to allow for incredible plantnutrient uptake and calculated nutrition for the duration of a croplifecycle. 

We also included a precise mixtureof humic & fulvic acids, optimised for rapidplant growth.

Being Coco specific nutrients; the mineral ratios allowfor a slightly reduced rate of Potassium (K) to account for the Korganically released from coco coir decomposition. 

House & Garden Cocos is a world-renowned nutrientsolution for farmers seeking quality alongside heavy yields. H&G haveearned their reputation for medical-standard cultivation results and economicalnutrient concentrations. 


House & Garden Coco base nutrient is composed of liquidnutrients and trace elements and contains no bulking agent. Coco base nutrientis composed of the purest, pharmaceutical/food-grade high-quality nutrientcomponents that are available on the market. This enables the plant to absorbthe nutriment quickly and effectively, reducing salt toxicities.



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House & Garden Coco Nutrient A+B 1L

$40.00 Inc. GST

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