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Hy-Gen Coco Growth A+B 5L Set 2 Part Veg Base Nutrient

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Hy-Gen CocoGrow A+B Veg Base Nutrient 


HY-GEN COCOGROW is a vegetative stage cocopeat specific nutrient. The nutrient levels are carefully balanced to ensure that ratios between all major and minor elements are optimised to maximise availability. COCOGROW contains a natural kelp extract to condition the cocopeat while stimulating and maintaining a healthy root system.

Plant nutritional requirements change as they transitionfrom growth to flower. Having an adequate supply of easily absorbed nutrientsat optimum ratios will enable a healthy transition. The presence of essentialelements such as nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium and traceelements are needed to ensure rapid stem and leaf growth while maintainingstrong cell development and structure.

HY-GEN COCOGROW is also designed for use during the firststages of flowering. Use it in conjunction with HY-GEN COCOBLOOM for an optimaltransition. It’s important to have a growth specific and flowerspecific nutrient to get outstanding results – It really does taketwo!

HY-GEN COCOGROW and HY-GEN COCOBLOOM from start to harvest!



• Growth Specific Formula

• Improves Seedling Vigor

• Improves Plant Health

• Contains Natural Ingredients

• Optimised Calcium Levels

• Balanced Trace Element Ratios

• Added Coco Conditioner

• Maximum Solubility

• Suitable For Soil



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Hy-Gen Coco Growth A+B 5L Set 2 Part Veg Base Nutrient

$99.95 Inc. GST

In stock