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Top 4 most important aspects of your Grow Room Environment.

Grow Room Environment

The environment in your grow room has a serious influence on your plants. It’s no coincidence that certain strains are more demanding than others. That’s why having an understanding of these factors is important in order to provide the best grow room conditions for your plants.

A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration when creating the perfect grow room, and these four are among the most important.

1. Air Flow : Air flow is an important factor in any grow room and is often overlooked by growers. While it should not be too strong, it should not be stagnant either. It is best to use a fan or ventilation system which will help with temperature and humidity management as well as general air quality. There should also be enough air flow in order to ensure that moisture doesn’t accumulate on leaf surfaces or anywhere else.

2. Room Temperature: Believe it or not, your plants really do need the right temperature. Temperature changes in the grow room could have significant effects on growth rate, yield size and potency of plants. There is a range of what is considered normal for different plants, but you want to find the sweet spot that is best for your plant species. Too cold and they won’t grow, too hot and they will get stressed out and stop growing altogether. The optimal temperature for plant growth is between 22°C (72°F) and 26°C (79°F).

3. Water Temperature: Your plants need water just like we do! They lose a lot of moisture through their leaves, and if left without water for too long, they will suffer. The desired temperature for special plants lies between 18°C-24°C.

4. Humidity: Humidity levels are also very important for plant health and need to be maintained at optimum level at the different stages of growth. During Flower, where most of the time growers struggle and end with a lot of problems. Again, this is one of those things that can either help or hurt your plants. Too much humidity (over 50%) can cause mould problems and a lot of excess water droplets on the leaves, too little (less than 30%) can lead to desiccation on leaves and stunted growth.

Arguably, your environment is the most important aspect of your grow room.

All the four factors Air Flow, Humidity, Temperature and Water Temperature needs to be maintained at the optimum level.

PMHydro have all those equipment that will help you maintain that efficiency depending on your needs.



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