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ISO-Max Fan 150MM (6″inch) With 3 Speed Control

$499.50 Inc. GST

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ISO-Max features a powerful and efficientMAX-Fan integrated into a metal silencer lined with a special acousticmaterial. This results in the same efficiency of the MAX-Fan plus theadded benefit of extra quiet operation.

The 150 and 200 models incorporate 3 speed fixed switching.Again, like the Pro Series fans, these speed positions are tuned into the“sweet spots” allowing the grower to position the fan speed to operate atmaximum efficiency.

·        The innovative design, introduced to the marketby Can Filters, is an ultimate product for duct ventilation. Simpleinstallation – Ultimate performance 

·        Super efficiency, yet super quiet

·        3 step switches allow the retailer to increasethe range of filters the fans cover 

·        3 step switches also give the grower greater
flexibility with seasonal adjustment

·        All steel robust constructions

·        Easy to use mounting brackets






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ISO-Max Fan 150MM (6″inch) With 3 Speed Control

$499.50 Inc. GST

In stock