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ONA Pro Active Gel Odour Neutraliser 1L

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ONA Pro Active Gel Odour Neutraliser 1L 

Odour Neutralising Agent (O.N.A.) Gel – Pro is ideal
for larger room applications due to its controlled release formula, which
offers constant treatment of odours over a longer time frame. Simply place in
your target area and take off the lid. It is ideal for at home or in the office
and is pet safe and biodegradable.

The product effectiveness can be speeded up with theuse of a fan to blow air over the product. This will aid the agent deploymentinto the atmosphere of the room, but will use up the product quicker, soregulation is needed depending on room size. The product can also be decantedto have small amounts around a room, avoiding the need for a fan.

Ona Gel Instructions to Use

Unscrew lid and leave in areas to be treated. Toregulate the strength, simply expose or reduce the amount of surface area tothe air. Holes drilled in the lid can assist in small areas. In large areas, afan can be installed above the open pot for rapid odour control. 

Please note, to keep the gel working at its best, makesure you shake the product before use and every other day to allow theneutralising agent to fully mix with the gel.

Ona Gel Applications

Can be used on waste bins, toilets, kitchen areas,store cupboards, cellars, caravans, motorhomes, boats, kennels, airconditioning and ventilation ducts.



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ONA Pro Active Gel Odour Neutraliser 1L

$40.00 Inc. GST

Out of stock