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Orchid Bark Orchiata Super 35L | 18-25MM

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Orchid Bark Orchiata Super 35L | 18-25MM 

SUPER 18-25MM ; suits mature orchids & orchids that need more Space 

Daltons Orchiata is a standalone orchid growing medium that can be used directly from the bag. It will not release any toxins to plants and it is a unique stable medium for potting and re-potting.

Orchiata is a sustainable growing medium produced from the finest quality 100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiata bark. Pinus radiata is sourced from renewable man made forests ensuring availability into the future.

  • Ready for use – Easily add to your pots directly from the bag
  • Sustainably sourced – Obtained from renewable man made forests
  • Safe for plants – Orchiata will not break down over time or release toxins to plants

Product Details and Specifications

  • Orchiata Type: Super 18-25mm 
  • Suitable for: Mature orchids and needs high drainage
  • Bag size: 35 Litre
  • Ingredients: Pinus radiata bark
  • Air Fill Perosity: 51-55%
  • Water Holding Capacity: 56.8%


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Orchid Bark Orchiata Super 35L | 18-25MM

$55.00 Inc. GST

Out of stock