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Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea 100G | Insomnia Helper

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Organic Chamomile Flowers 100G | Mood Booster | Hay Fever Helper 

Main Benefits according to herbal literature:
  • Mood Booster Helps to Calm Down
  • Hay Fever Helper
  • Digestive Relaxant
  • Helps Insomnia

Organic Bio Chamomile Flowers Tea according to herbal literature: Chamomile has been used for centuries in teas as a mild, relaxing sleep aid, treatment for fevers, colds, stomach ailments, and as an anti-inflammatory, to name only a few therapeutic uses. Chamomile may be used internally or externally. Extensive scientific research over the past 20 years has confirmed many of the traditional uses for the plant and established pharmacological mechanisms for the plant’s therapeutic activity, including antipeptic, antispasmodic, antipyretic, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-allergenic activity. Recent and on-going research has identified chamomiles specific anti-inflammatory,anti-bacterial, muscle relaxant, antispasmodic, anti-allergenic and sedative properties, validating its long-held reputation. This attention appears to have increased the popularity of the herb and nowadays Chamomile is included as a drug in the pharmacopoeia of 26 countries. Benefits: As a tea, be used for lumbago, rheumatic problems and rashes. Relieve restlessness, teething problems, and colic in children. Relieve allergies, much as an antihistamine would. Aid in digestion when taken as a tea after meals. Relieve morning sickness during pregnancy. Speed healing of skin ulcers, wounds, or burns. Treat gastritis and ulcerative colitis. Reduce inflammation and facilitate bowel movement without acting directly as a purgative. Be used as a wash or compress for skin problems and inflammations, including inflammations of mucous tissue. Promote general relaxation and relieve stress. Control insomnia. Chamomiles mildly sedating and muscle-relaxing effects may help those who suffer from insomnia to fall asleep more easily. Treat diverticular disease, irritable bowel problems and various gastrointestinal complaints. Heal mouth sores and prevent gum disease. Reduce menstrual cramps.


Choose Wisely:

  • This is 100% organic Chamomile Flower Herb harvested by local people in wild organic lands in Eastern Europe.
  • Dried using only traditional techniques without any chemical treatments.
  • Then its packed and ready for you.
  • Remember that some companies are using additional ingredients like gelling agents and bulking powders-you won’t find them here


Our Disclaimer before disclaimer 🙂

Getting enough minerals, vitamins and enzymes purely through your daily diet can prove a challenge.
Even organically farmed land does not contain the minerals and enzymes that were once present in our soil before the industrial revolution.
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As much as we believe 100% in the power of Herbs, we are not doctors.

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Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea 100G | Insomnia Helper

Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea 100G | Insomnia Helper

$22.00 Inc. GST

In stock