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Ozi Magic Ozi Tonic 5L | Flowering Additives

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Ozi Magic Ozi Tonic 5L 

Ozi Magic Ozi Tonic is for use when you want the most out of your flowers. It is a unique and a highly organic concentrated product that is Australian made and owned. 

·        Ozi Tonic is a concentrated blend of mineralsalts and organic compounds that include soluble seaweed beeswax extract humic& fulvic acid and plant extracts.

·        There are higher levels of beeswax extract inOzi Tonic compared to Monsta Bud making it a better product to use in the finalweeks before harvest.

·        Ozi Tonic has been scientifically blended andcontains 80 different organic compounds designed to promote root growthnutrient uptake and increased flower development.

·        Along with Monsta Bud it is one of the mostpopular organic flowering boosters on the market.

·        It adds flavour and aroma to flowers and fruitand increases essential oil content in herbs like Rosemary and Lavender.

·        Ozi Tonic is safe to use as either a nutrientadditive or as a nutrient in hydroponic systems or organic gardening. 








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Ozi Magic Ozi Tonic 5L | Flowering Additives

$55.00 Inc. GST

In stock