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Professors Flower Boost 1L – PK Enhancer

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Professors Flower Boost 1L – PK Enhancer 

Phosphorus & Potassium (PK): Thefundamental raw ingredients your plants need to develop fruits and flowers.

The best way to maximise yields is by incorporatingthe correct flowering stimulant into your feeding program. It can mean thedifference between a highly successful harvest or one that leaves youdisappointed. It is at this stage of the cycle that simply feeding nutrientsalone is not enough.

In the early flowering stage, Phosphorus is used byplants to help form new roots, promote blooming, increase fruit and flowers andmaximise crop quality and harvest size.

Potassium is often referred to as the ‘qualityelement’, easily absorbed through the roots, it is known to contribute toshape, colour, size and taste.

Some people make the mistake of feeding high levels ofPotassium in the early stages of flower, thinking that more is better. However,these high doses can block out calcium and cause a calcium deficiency in yourplants. Therefore, it is important to use the right balance of PKthroughout the flowering stage.

The Professor’s Flower Boost is a high grade,concentrated PK flower enhancer. Scientifically formulated to initiate earlyflowering and node development, Flower Boost provides plants with the perfectratio of PK to produce a large, high quality yield. Whether you are cultivatingflowering or fruiting plants, Flower Boost will give your plants the exact PKratio they need to release their full potential.

So, what exactly does Flower Boost do?

• Boosts Early Blooms and Bigger Yields
• Activates Flowering Enzyme production
• Provides perfect ratios of P and K to boost flower development
• Faster flower growth and bud onset
• Larger Heavier Blooms of a higher quality
• Aids in energy transfer and storage of carbohydrates

To achieve maximum yield, Flower Boost should be replaced with Extreme Boostin the final 3 weeks.

Hydroponics: Use 2ml FlowerBoost per 1L of nutrient solution.
Soil: Use 1.5ml Flower Boost per 1L of nutrient solution.




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Professors Flower Boost 1L – PK Enhancer

$29.95 Inc. GST

In stock