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Professor’s Nutrients Coco Chips 50/50 Blend 50L Bag

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Professor’s Nutrients Coco Chips  50/50 Blend 50L Bag 

Professor’s Nutrients Coco / Chips blend is a mix consisting of 50% Coco Coir and 50% Coco Chips. Professor’s Coco / Chips blend carries the RHP Certification, ensuring it has remained pure and clean throughout the production process, meeting it’s high quality attributes. It is washed and pre-buffered and maintains a pH range of 5.5 – 6.5.Coco chips are small chunks of Coco Coir that combine the best properties of the peat and fiber. They have a large surface area and retain moisture and nutrients like a sponge, yet do not compact tightly, allowing for large volumes of air between them and a higher level of aeration. Less compaction allows roots to grow more freely and promotes excellent drainage. With a well draining substrate, the grower is free to implement a more intense and accurate feeding program.


Washed and Pre-Buffered

Very low EC, less than 0.5

pH stabilised for optimum nutrient uptake

High water absorption and essential air ratio

pH range 5.5-6.5

100% natural and biodegradable

Free from pathogenic germs and disease

Environmentally friendly

A perfect mix for container plants and hydroponics


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Professor's Nutrients Coco Chips 50/50 Blend 50L Bag

Professor’s Nutrients Coco Chips 50/50 Blend 50L Bag

$40.00 Inc. GST

Only 1 left in stock