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Professor’s Ultra Flush 1L

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Professor’s Ultra Flush 1L 

Ultra Flush  – Mineral Flush and Nutrient Lockout treatment

Introducing the Professor’s Ultra Flush: The ultimate solution for removing excess salt build up, correcting nutrient lockout and enhancing your harvest quality.

In hydroponics, excess salts can lead to a significant challenge known as nutrient lockout, hindering nutrient absorption by the roots. Ultra Flush is the ultimate solution designed to combat this issue and elevate the quality of your harvest.

By effectively removing excess salt build-up around the roots, Ultra Flush creates an optimal environment for healthy plant growth. Say goodbye to chemical tastes and welcome a smoother, more refined flavour profile that will satisfy even the most discerning palates. Experience the heightened power of increased terpenoid production, resulting in delightful and captivating aromas.

Ultra Flush goes beyond flavour and aroma enhancements. It also promotes final bud swell during the crucial pre-harvest phase, ensuring visually impressive yields. By redirecting plant energy away from nutrient intake, Ultra Flush allows your crops to channel their resources towards producing larger buds that are bursting with potency and size.

Don’t settle for ordinary harvest quality. Make Ultra Flush an essential component of your hydroponic routine to unlock the full potential of your crops. Elevate the taste, aroma, and overall quality of your harvest with this indispensable flushing solution. Experience the remarkable difference that Ultra Flush can make in achieving an exceptional hydroponic harvest.

Hydroponics: Week 1 and 4 of the flowering stage. Add 3ml per 1L of water to the nutrient tank and feed as normal. This mixture should be used for feeding your plants for just one day. After that day, it is important to empty the nutrient tank to remove the Ultra Flush solution. Once the tank is emptied, you can resume your regular feeding schedule for the plants.

One week before harvest: Add 3ml per 1L of water to the nutrient tank. Water plants everyday to elevate taste, aroma and overall quality of the final harvest.

Nutrient Lockout Correction: If you encounter nutrient lockout, take the following steps:

Mix 30ml of Ultra Flush in a 10L bucket.

Pour the solution directly over the growing medium.

Allow 48 hours for Ultra Flush to take effect.

After 48 hours, resume feeding your plants with nutrients at half strength.

After one week, return to your normal full-strength feeding schedule.




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Professor’s Ultra Flush 1L

$20.00 Inc. GST

In stock