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Reiziger Grow Booster 5L | Promote Growth | Increase Yield

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Reiziger Grow Booster 5L | Promote Growth | Increase Yield 

Reiziger Grow Booster is Holland’s leading grow stimulator tailored to promote plant growth and increase crop yield in short cultures. Precious and effective organic ingredients help renew, rebuild, and strengthen plant appearance and elevate natural levels of aromatic compounds, enhancing colour, aroma, and resin production. 

Maximise Your Harvest

Formulated with a high concentration of powerfulbotanical ingredients, it empowers the plant with the energy it needs tofortify its natural defence process to help elevate the production of aromaticcompounds and terpenes, which directly benefit colour, aroma, and resinproduction in many flowers, culinary and medicinal herbs.

Maintain Health and Vitality 

Thanks to natural surfactants, its luxurious formulapenetrates quickly to thicken stems and strengthen branches in readiness ofheavier yields. Special plant vitamins help short cycle plants renew, rebuildand strengthen their appearance while the anti-oxidant properties of medicinalplant extracts help protect the plant from external insults, giving it theability to focus energy on repair.

Direction of Use

Shake well before use. 

Mix 2.5ml in 1L and apply from the second week of cultivation until the end of harvest.

Mix 5ml in 1L or 1qt water during the last four weeks of flowering when reusing your grow medium. 

Note: Do not use in combination with hydrogen peroxide




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Reiziger Grow Booster 5L | Promote Growth | Increase Yield

$199.99 Inc. GST

Only 1 left in stock