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Super Saver Hydroponic Kit with LED Light

$1,799.92 Inc. GST

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Hydroponic 1.45 X 1.45 X 2.0cm Grow Kit with LED Light

This Hydroponic kit contains:

Indoor Grow Tent – 145 X 145 X 200CM

We recommend this grow tent model due to it’s simplicity, ease of use, high quality and afford ability.

LED Grow Light:  

Lucius Flex 645W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light.

The Lucius horticulture LED light powered by Samsung & OSRAM Diodes. The Lucius Flex equips six LED bars with a high PPF efficacy 2.9umol per W. It has all the great benefits ( top-notch diodes from Samsung and Osram, dimmable output settings, etc), now just with the ability to crank out more light! 

Environment Control: Allows you to control the air quality

To ensure a good airflow and cooling of the equipment, a correct combination of fan and filter kit required which works best for your grow room. A right extract fan is required to pull air through the tent for good ventilation in a grow room in order to the development of the plants. 

Can-Fan RS150 150MM (6″ inch)

Diameter: 150MM

Max. Output: 123L/sec

CFM: 277

Max. Power: 65 Watts


6″ Carbon Filter 150 X 600MM

Ducting: Aluminum Duct 150MM X 5M

Ducts are used to create an exhaust for the air pushed by the fan. Connect one end of the duct to the output of the 6″ fan, pass it through an exhaust port of the tent and redirect it where you want (preferably outside). Make sure to tighten the exhaust port around the duct to light proof and seal the growing environment.






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Super Saver Hydroponic Kit with LED Light

$1,799.92 Inc. GST