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Water Treatment O16 1LT | pH Balanced | Oxygen Booster

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Water Treatment O16 1LT | pH Balanced | Oxygen Booster

Introducing 016 Liquid Concentrated Stabilized Oxygen

As most growers are aware that a plant breathes CO2 in the day cycle through its leaves, but the advanced grower is aware that a plant has to consume oxygen its root zone in order to achieve optimum growth. 

Just like you…your plants need Oxygen too!

What is 016? A fungus – killing water produced in a machine that combines water, electricity and minerals. It enhances the water properties to create a neutral anolyte solution of powerful Di-Atomic Oxygen.

This product is produced using very advanced scientific technology that enables the oxygen molecule to remain stable in water for an extended period of time thus allowing a plant to have a readily available supply of oxygen when it is required. Uptake is to such a degree that the results are outstanding.

How do I use 016 for my root zone?

Simply add 1ml per 1ltr of water to return watering system, repeat every 3 days, hand watering 1-10ml per 1ltr and repeat every 3 days. 

How do I use as a foliar spray?

Simply add 20mls per 1ltr of water (preferably filtered water) and spray vigorously over affected area once per week until problem subsides. May be used weekly as a preventative.  

Benefits of 016

  •   pH balanced 
  • Remains stable for an extended time!
  • Contains pure di-atomic oxygen
  • Great rejuvenator for diseased plants. 
  • Reduced build up of algae & fungi
  • This is not Hydrogen peroxide – No need for gloves or protective clothing
  • Affects only the bad bacteria
  • Great as a foliar spray on pythium & Powdery mildew
  • Gives your plants an oxygen boost
  • PH will not change when adding to nutrient solution
  • Neutralizes Mold when used as a foliar spray


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Water Treatment O16 1LT | pH Balanced | Oxygen Booster

$40.00 Inc. GST

Out of stock